Friday, April 11, 2008

Speaking of XANADU's glitter-ball frenzy.... here is mine!

Three see-through rubber superballs filled with pink, green and white glitter - how could I forget them when I was doing my purchases blog?

They were bought at the MOMA shop in New York.

Museum shops aren't my favourite entity at the moment. Today I heard that my second attempt to work in a museum shop has come to nothing. First the National Army Museum, now the Museum of London. Despite both acknowledging my wide range of retail experience they both wanted people who had Museum retail experience.

On my two visits to the National Army Museum both times there were no assistants to be seen on the shop floor. On my recce of the Museum of London there were noticeable areas - postcards, bookshelves, gift shelves - where the stock had been sold and just left empty.

If that's what denotes museum shop experience I am willing to drop my experience to their level.


Gareth said...

shame on them.

Not exactly sure what kind of special experience a museum shop confers on you.

redhairedqueer said...

Grr. That matches the problems I've had when job hunting. You only stand a chance of getting a position if it's EXACTLY THE SAME as the one you're doing already or have just left. Who the hell wants to be doing the same shit job but in another location all their lives? It makes me SO MAD!!!!