Saturday, April 19, 2008

I forgot to mention I met a NY celebrity while staying at the Algonquin. Matilda, the hotel cat.

The Algonquin Hotel has had a resident cat for 70-odd years and the lovely M is the present resident feline.
You can usually find her sitting on the baggage trolley by the main door making sure the new arrivals are up to snuff for New York's oldest hotel, on the hotel desk memorizing credit card numbers or padding around the dark, well-upholstered lobby making sure the carpet is cleaned how she likes it.

While there I raised a glass to her with a cocktail named after her. The Matilda consists of Belvedere Pomarancza (Orange Vodka), Cointreau, freshly squeezed lemon, orange juice and finished off with Perrier Jouet Bruit champagne (Owen dislikes cats so that's his JD & Coke).


Gareth said...

a dislike of cats is an acceptable if not positive character trait.

chrisv said...

Don't you go near her!

redhairedqueer said...

Owen doesn't like cats? He practically had sex with mine!!