Monday, April 07, 2008

Ok let's get down to cases.... what did I buy in NY?

Two new pairs of shoes, a French Connection cardigan, a Calvin Klein jumper and a nice purple long-sleeved Tommy Bahama shirt. Oh and a "Sunday In The Park With George" t-shirt.

Cd buying was a bit thin on the ground: the new double cd of unreleased tracks from the late and great cabaret singer Nancy LaMott, the cast recording of XANADU (more on that later) and soundtracks for THE HARDER THEY COME (finally! - I have 99.9% of the tracks on other cds but seeing the stage adaption before I left made me want the soundtrack) and VISION QUEST as it's the only cd which has Madonna's song GAMBLER on't. The last two were about £5 each so was ok with that.

Books were also a bit under-populated with only three hardbacks:
the gossipy BROADWAY BABYLON, a new Joan Crawford biography NOT THE GIRL NEXT DOOR and a new biography on Ethel Merman BRASS DIVA. Having just seen Patti LuPone in the role Merman created in "GYPSY" made me realise I had never read a biography on this legendary performer. I had been banking on buying a truckload at Theater Circle on W 44th but the book section was sadly depleted.

The dvds were much more me!
Eleven in all... something to keep me going in the long unemployed weeks stretching ahead of me.
Actually I guess it was 16 as the Joan Crawford set is 5 cds and there is the 2-disc-er of ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS / MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS.

Oh and I bought two magazines for reasons that are fairly obvious... although actually both cover interviews aren't all that sadly.


Owen said...

You also got tix for that great Broadway opus, 'Xanadu', brunch in the Pigalle restaurant on Sunday and countless bagels and smears...

chrisv said...

don't start me on the food...