Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last week Owen and I attended High Church in Soho, a gathering held by the one and only Our Lady J and her London Train-To-Kill Gospel Choir as she preached her Gospel to The Godless.

We first saw OLJ a few years back at the same venue where she was Justin Bond's pianist for his LUSTRE show and so finally here we were, ready to experience her solo (well, apart from the choir).

There is even more to go round too as OLJ has now had a boob job paid for by Boob Aid, her ingenious fundraiser and online auction - get outta the way she's unstoppable!

OLJ has her first album out towards the end of this year which sees a move from more piano-based songs to a more electro vibe - she sees herself as a post-transexual pre-android! I was a bit worried at first as I like her introspective but uplifting songs but I need not have worried... J's journeys into sound were all done with great musicality and taste.

Switching between her computer and piano with ease, J gave us a great 80 minute set, all held together with her winning personality and reflections on a life that has taken her from a fundamentalist Christian upbringing (her brother was forced to take a shotgun to his smuggled-in CDs!) to the special creation she is now.

Sprinkled among her own songs PICTURE OF A MAN, AFRICA, 1-2-3-4 TRAINED TO KILL and PINK PRADA PURSE were some inspired covers: Dolly Partons LIGHT OF A CLEAR BLUE MORNING and I'M GOING HOME from the Rocky Horror Show were given a new life within the context of the show and they also both helped highlight the London Show Choir who had been Trained To Kill and thrill by Our Lady J.

By far my favorite covers of the evening however were an absolutely Discotastic version of Buffy Sainte-Marie's LITTLE WHEEL SPIN AND SPIN - as soon as Our Lady J started singing the chorus I spun round to see how Buffy fan Owen was and he was in a state of rapture! She finished the set with her amazing version of HURT which she has made into something really wonderful and profound.

We had a nice longish chat with her afterwards and it's a joy to find her as warm and friendly offstage as on. I can't wait for her to come back when the album is ready to roll.

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