Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ethel Waters- Honey in The Honeycomb
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My second helping of BROWN SUGAR for you is Miss Ethel Waters.

Born to a 13 y/o rape victim Ethel had an abused childhood. Ethel was herself married at 13 but soon after seized a chance to sing and slowly worked her way up the entertainment food chain until she was working across the board on record, concerts, Broadway, film and television.

Sadly she remembered every slight that she had taken on her way up the ladder and the charge was frequently levelled against her that she was particularly tough of younger female singers.

She is seen here recreating her stage role in Vincente Minnelli's screen version of CABIN IN THE SKY, a galvanising performance in which she does not have to act too hard to show her loathing of co-star Lena Horne.

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