Thursday, August 19, 2010

I had been watching the skies all day on Tuesday as Owen and I had tickets to see the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre production of
I was way excited as we had seats four rows back and after a few dribbly rain showers during the day, by the time we took our seats the skies were bright and cloud free.

We saw the Witch...
We saw Cinderella and The Baker's Wife...and we saw The Prince.We scurried back after the interval and just as the afore-mentioned Prince and his brother Prince started singing their reprise of AGONY I felt a drop of rain.

No I told myself... it was just a pidgeon's teardrop.

And then it pished down.

And the two Princes were told to get off the stage and we had to stand in the bar area.

And five minutes later we were told the show was cancelled and to apply to the box office for exchange tickets for another night.

And I realised I had left my programme on my seat so i ran back to get it as I had my ticket pushed into the spine, as I do.

And it had been nicked. So Owen has e-mailed his e-mailed tickets back for the exchange.

Now all THAT'S Agony.

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