Friday, June 20, 2014

Dvd/150: THE LONG DAY CLOSES (Terence Davies, 1992)

The opening credits - Boccerini's 'Minuetto' plays over a painterly composition of a bowl of roses that imperceptibly decay - suggest a film will be emotionally uninvolving but Terence Davies' dreamlike memoir of being a loved but solitary lad in the 1950s is an emotional powerhouse if you surrender to it's pace.

Liverpool, a boarded-up house dissolves in the rain to 1955 when it was occupied by young Bud (Leigh McCormack), his beloved widowed Mother (Marjorie Yates) and his three grown siblings.  Sensitive and bullied at his new school by kids and teachers alike, Bud is never happier than being at home with his family and friendly neighbours.

Intense moments of being flow with hypnotic ease such as moving overhead from Bud swinging above the basement steps to a cinema projector beam to a church aisle to a drab schoolroom, all summing up Bud's world.

A deeply personal but universal experience.

Shelf or charity shop?  Shelf!

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