Sunday, May 30, 2010

So the ConDem coalition has been dealt it's first stumble thanks to David 'matinee idol' Laws being fingered. As twere.

He has claimed in excess of £40,000 over the past decade for rent, utilities etc. to pay his gay partner whose house he has lived in - although Laws re-mortgaged his Yeovil home to give the guy the money to buy the house in the first place. Now the problem arises because according to parliamentary rules you cannot claim expenses to pay a partner. Only Laws says that he did not believe his relationship to be a partnership in THAT respect.

Now I have many bafflement issues over this. Every politician interviewed are saying he is an honorable man and what a tragedy it is. He is not an honorable man, he has been defrauding the country knowingly for a long time - particularly in view of him dropping the amounts claimed by nearly 50% when he started to be asked for receipts. It's also particularly galling when one reads he has a personal wealth of over a million. His partner also is a director for a PR company so is worth a bob or three.So what's the tragedy? Laws says that he was only trying to protect his privacy as he didn't want his family to know he was gay. So here is an independently wealthy, 44 year old man who is happy to vote consistently for pro-gay policies but who cannot acknowledge his partner to his parents. But how would they have found out he was gay by what he claimed from the parliamentary cash office?

It sounds to me that he is using his gayness as a handy excuse for wrongdoing. Now that *is* a tragedy.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when Laws explains to his partner why he has been telling the world that he doesn't consider him really a partner.

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