Saturday, May 01, 2010

On Thursday I had the knee-trembling experience of seeing my favorite purveyors of pop Alphabeat at Koko in Camden.As I have said before, everytime I see them I am excited - and trepedatious at the same time... what if this is the time when they disappoint, when they are just ok?

Phew... not that night, they were in seismic form!

Needless to say the place was full of insanely tall yoof so a position on the main floor was kinda out of the question so a niche had to be found. Luckily the swift moving of a plastic bin at the top of the stairs meant we could wedge in behind the rail and just under the stage - this gave me an unimpeded view over on to the stage above the collective heads. The overhang of the first balcony obscured the top of the stage but everything else was fine... it was like I was watching the concert in widescreen! Seriously... a re-design of Koko is desperately needed.After a ho-hum support, on those Danish scamps bounded... and there were Anders SG, lolloping around like a puppy on Sunny Delight and the pint-sized glittering pop queen Stine in her bodysuit and fascinator - and we were off....

They played a healthy amount of both of their albums - God the tracks from the Euro-dance themed THIS BEAT IS... sound so much better live, stripped of their over-produced Italian House trappings - just the thumping drums of young Troells and the crunchy guitars and keyboards of Anders B, Anders R and Rasmus!
Anders SG was usual bounded all over the stage like a loon, throwing mad dance shapes - and himself, pelting across the stage and leaping into the arms of Rasmus who whirled him around over his shoulder - them wacky Danes!

Stine did her little shimmies in the bit of stage that Anders wasn't bouncing over at the time and sounded fantastic with her unique vocals - a real pop voice!

I was worried that as far back as we were, our immediate neighbours would be more keen to talk than listen but no - they all seemed swept up in the joyous music and were singing and clapping like good 'uns.From the opening salvo of FANTASTIC SIX, they stomped through THE BEAT IS, HOLE IN MY HEART, TOUCHING ME TOUCHING YOU ("of course you can!"), HEAT WAVE, ALWAYS UP WITH YOU, WHAT IS HAPPENING, CHESS, 10,000 NIGHTS, BOYFRIEND (squeal!) and ending with THE SPELL. Guess what? They had forgotten to do to of their biggest songs - the ninnys. So they came back on to huge cheers to give us the glorious DJ and the all-conquering FASCINATION - "Say The Word!"

They left the stage leaving me smiling bigly and with hands sore from clapping... they are wonderful, they are ALPHABEAT!

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