Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last Wednesday in NY was Snowmageddon! Since we arrived we had been hearing that Wednesday was going to be an isolated day of pure snow with a projection of 8 - 10 inches of snow. Owen was almost bursting with excitement so I had my fingers crossed that it just might happen.

When we came out of our Tuesday night show to meet our friend Dezur, sure enough the snow was falling! After our dinner at Pigalle - which Owen likes tho' he can only eat one thing on the menu - we walked back to the Algonquin with the snow still falling so things looked promising. This is what I saw when I looked out the hotel window in the morning...

We had an extra big breakfast at Red Flame to build up our strength then set off to walk up to Lincoln Centre - it took us 40 minutes to trudge up through the cold light blizzard, tiny pinpricks of icy snow finding their way home.
The journey was worth it to see the way the city deals with the snow... each block had several guys either shovelling the snow into the gutter at intervals or on their little carts swirling out grit. We also saw rubbish trucks trundling along with snow scoops attached to front.

Compare all this activity with London's response to snow which is just to shut down.

After we came out of our lengthy lunch with Suzanne in the very fine Nicko's we walked down the deathly quiet snowy West 76th Street to take us to Owen's Playground aka Central Park.There's no point describing it to you, I'll let some of these pictures show you what it was like. One thing I will say, there's nothing like a good blanketing of snow to get strangers chatting to each other...As the afternoon slowly turned to evening, the shifting light turned the Park into a landscape worthy of Narnia...The next morning found us down on Battery Park and the snow was still very much in evidence... although once again the locals took it all in their stride.
All in all... it was pretty amazing!

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