Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I will just interrupt my New York memories to give my impressions of the Brit Awards.

The night was rightly dominated by the unstoppable Lady Gaga - playing everywhere in New York by the way - who won the three Awards she was nominated for. She gave a great performance of "Telephone" alone at the piano and dedicated it to the memory of Alexander McQueen then morphed into an electroVogue on "Dance In The Dark".

This thrilling performance was followed by a true meeting of minds when Fearne Cotton interviewed Geri Halliwell and Courtney Love who both agreed it was a shame Gaga didn't do something people knew.

They are both on her album you thick bitches.

Geri Halliwell also made a remarkable statement when presenting the newcomer award reminding the audience that Kula Shaker beat the Spice Girls to the award.

"Where are they? Anybody know?" she said to a stony silence.

Well, wherever they are I'm sure they are not 'writing' children's books to keep in the spotlight, you ungracious cow.

The other jaw-dropper was the performance by Cheryl Cole of her single "Fight For This Love". I use the word 'performance' in it's most loosest use. She mimed badly while doing a lame Janet Jackson rip-off routine.

God I am hoping this oxygen-thief's five minutes are counting down.

To be honest what kept me watching was the sponsor ident films of Pet Shop Boys playing a mini-concert in a fan's living room.

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