Sunday, February 03, 2008

Constant Reader, I have the packed lunch and the mobile is fully-charged up in case of emergencies. I am goin' in... Yes I have put it off long enough.... it is time to tackle all the Kirsty MacColl cdrs I have collected over the years.

Live ones, disparate rare tracks that have since been released commercially, remixes and track running times to be checked, live tracks listened to for a tell-tale giveaway to identify it against others... It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

What is curious is that whoever owns the Polydor back catalogue has never seen fit to issue her first ever album DESPERATE CHARACTERS on cd.

Notable for being the album containing her hit single THERE'S A GUY WORKS DOWN THE CHIP SHOP SWEARS HE'S ELVIS, the other tracks while not matching CHIP SHOP's obvious appeal are all worth a listen and await rediscovery. Personal favourites are the racing CLOCK GOES ROUND, SEE THAT GIRL, HARD TO BELIEVE, HE THINKS I STILL CARE and TEENAGER IN LOVE.

Fleshed out with a few b-sides it could make a nice addition to any fan's collection. After the recent re-issues of KITE, ELECRIC LANDLADY & TITANIC DAYS it would also help to keep her section at HMV looking healthy. Owen drew my attention to an Amazon listing for a 10th Anniversary release of TROPICAL BRAINSTORM but as Alan, the all-seeing eye of the Kirsty website FREEWORLD pointed out, that was actually released in 2000!

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Owen said...

I don't think I've ever even seen the first album...