Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Over the Christmas period I sorted my theatre programmes - all 6 storage crates - filing away all the 2007 ones.

Needless to say this took longer than I expected, I *would* keep looking through them, memories scattering around me as each page turned.

So Constant Reader, here's a special treat for you - and me.... my 50 favourite stage musicals, illustrated by the productions of which I most enjoyed.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is your 5 minute call...


Owen said...

Pleased to see 'Grand Hotel' in there!

Guy said...

Hmmm... the usual Sondheim overload - I think I counted 14 or 15 - but some surprising no-shows too... I saw the new Broadway Chorus Line in NY in October, and was blown away. Where was my beloved Blood Brothers????