Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ok... rant time!

The front page of the Daily Mail (yes I know...) has two lead stories...

The McCanns are in the middle of a bidding war between Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters for an exclusive interview on US Television which could be worth up to £1 million. Press speak I know but I'm sure they are going to be in for a tidy sum. All for the Foundation of course. Very Evita....

And the other story? The 'grieving' mother of the kid who was killed when his father chucked himself and the kids over the balcony of their holiday hotel after being told by said wife that she was leaving him - a known depressive - for another man and was taking the kids with her.

Not only is she sharing her side of the story - the only side which appears to have been heard in this case - but she is also sharing holiday photos of her dead son. I do hope they spelt her name right on the cheque.

I have some money worries at the moment. Shame I don't have a kid... I could be earning. Anyone got one they could lend me?


redhairedqueer said...

Does it matter that you don't have a kid? MAKE ONE UP!

Give us a cut of your profits and from time to time we will step forward as concerned witnesses to make sure the story stays in the news.

There'll be no chance of them actually finding the little brat so we'll be quids in.

It's the perfect crime!

David said...

And the money kept rolling in from every side, the Mccanns pretty hands reached out and they reached wide.