Friday, September 14, 2018

Dvd/150: THRILLER (various directors, 1973-76, tv)

A favourite 70s series, Brian Clemen's THRILLER had 43 episodes and covered the whole 'Scream Queen' (and some scared men too) genre: murderous spouses, Satanists, psychopaths... all filmed on Elstree soundstages.

Not all have aged well but even the ropey ones have the delights of 70s fashions and decor, famous actors in early roles and Laurie Holloway's discordant theme music.

American actors were cast for the US market but were Alexandra Hay or Robyn Millan ever 'names'?!

Favourites?  Donna Mills and Judy Carne in a Satanic boarding house, psychopath Norman Eshley stumbling on a murder plot, blind students Sinead Cusack and Dennis Waterman foiling assassins, 'perfect' murderer Patrick O'Neal is blackmailed, Satanic nurse Diana Dors, and wife-killer Michael Jayston romances Helen Mirren.

The best remains I'M THE GIRL HE WANTS TO KILL, where murder witness Julie Sommars is trapped in an empty office building by killer Robert Lang.

Shelf or charity shop?  On the shelf... saying "Behind yooooooou"

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