Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dvd/150: EVERGREEN (Victor Saville, 1934)

A favourite of my friend Andrew, this is the 1934 film which consolidated Jessie Matthews as a genuine film star, EVERGREEN.

She had starred in the 1930 stage version which featured songs by Rodgers and Hart but only a few were used in the film, thankfully the lovely DANCING ON THE CEILING survived.

Music Hall star Harriet Green retires to marry a Lord but her estranged husband threatens to expose she has a baby. Harriet flees abroad and after her death, her daughter, also named Harriet, arrives in London to become a musicals performer.

Discovered by old showgirl Maudie and publicist Tommy, they convince Leslie Benn to star her in his upcoming show, masquerading as her 60 year-old mother returning to the stage ensuring the show's success.

Jessie Matthews is radiant but it is annoying that her co-star could have been Fred Astaire but his studio RKO refused.

Shelf or charity shop? I think I will hang onto it for a while... *nb* it actually ended up at the charity shop!

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