Sunday, January 22, 2017

150 word review: A FAMILY AND IT'S FORTUNES by Rachel Kempson

Essential reading for any fan of the actress or the Redgraves but more impartial readers may find Kempson's style too opaque to be fully enjoyable.

Rachel Kempson had a strange habit of being in the right place professionally at the wrong time personally; whenever she discovered she was pregnant with any of her three children she had to leave a promising season of roles so her career had a frustrating stop-start quality to it.

In her book, Kempson muses on her regret at missing out on a more high-level acting career but seems to have found a contentment in being Michael's wife and Vanessa, Corin and Lynn's mother.

While her discretion is understandable in discussing Michael's bisexuality, it is by reading between the lines that her sadness at his frequent disappearances is evident, even when she later reveals a long-running extra-marital affair with an unnamed actor.

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