Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Dvd/150: DET REGNAR PA VAR KARLEK (It Rains On Our Love) (Ingmar Bergman, 1946)

Ingmar Bergman's second film was the gentle 1946 comedy/drama DET REGNAR PA VAR KARLEK (IT RAINS ON OUR LOVE) starring Birger Malmsten and Barbro Kollberg.

A narrator observes David and Maggi who meet at the train station when she misses the last train.  David offers to share a room and they wake up in love.  Caught in a rainstorm in the countryside, David reluctantly breaks into an empty cottage.  They are discovered by Hakansson, the owner, who offers to rent it to them.

Secrets are revealed - David was in prison for burglary, Maggi is pregnant from a one-night stand - and although David gets employment, the couple are confronted with small-minded people who thwart their attempts at happiness.

Hakansson sells the land the cottage is on; when David hits an eviction official the couple go to court where their lifestyle is on trial but then the narrator intervenes...

Shelf or charity shop?  Delightful performances make this a keeper - it's part of a box-set of early Bergman classics anyway!

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