Friday, May 20, 2016

150 word review: LOVE IN A COLD CLIMATE by Nancy Mitford

Published in 1949, Nancy Mitford's sequel to THE PURSUIT OF LOVE fizzes with her biting wit and it was a deep pleasure to re-read.

Again our narrator is Fanny, a daughter of divorced parents who is brought up in the eccentric home of her Aunt Sadie and Uncle Matthew Alconleigh (based on Mitford's own family).  Fanny meets an old childhood friend Polly who has returned from India where her father was Viceroy. Polly is dazzlingly beautiful but has very little else going for her and Lady Montdore, her imperious mother, despairs for Polly's lack of interest in getting married.

When Polly announces she will marry 'Boy', a recently-widowed, sexually experienced older man (and crashing snob), her angry parents disinherit her and announce that Cedric, a distant Canadian relative living in Paris, is the new heir.  When the outrageously gay Cedric arrives, all lives change...

An enduring glorious comic novel.

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