Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dvd/150: LIBELED LADY (Jack Conway, 1936)

An example of the seamless Hollywood comedies of the 1930s, LIBELED LADY features the frequently-paired sophistication of William Powell and Myrna Loy and the more blue collar style of Spencer Tracy and Jean Harlow.

The situation-heavy comedy starts when newspaper editor Spencer Tracy leaves his long-suffering fiancee Jean Harlow at the altar when he learns his paper has falsely accused socialite Myrna Loy of being a homewrecker.  When she sues them for $5 million, Tracy concocts a plot with a former reporter William Powell.

If Powell marries Harlow, he can then meet and romance Loy before being 'discovered' by Harlow proving Loy is a homewrecker after all.  But the best-laid plans of mice and newspaper men...

It is a sad irony that Harlow and Powell were actually off-screen lovers but his reluctance to marry was still an issue when she suddenly died the following year.

Shelf or charity shop?  As it's on the same disc as DINNER AT EIGHT it's a keeper...

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