Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dvd/150: Les REVENANTS (The RETURNED) (Fabrice Gobert/Frédéric Mermoud, 2012, tv)

On a mountain road near a French town, a school coach swerves to avoid a boy in the road and plunges into the ravine.

Schoolgirl Camille returns home to her shocked family.  Julie, a local nurse, is followed home by "Victor" a silent young boy who will not leave her flat.  A young man, Simon, visits the home of his ex-fiancée who is terrified at his demands to be let in.  Barmaid Lucy is attacked by a hooded man which reminds the police of a serial killer's modus operandi from seven years before.

What we and the strangers discover is that they are the undead, all having died at various times before, all drawn back to the town for some unknown reason.

Although this chilling series from France is based on a film, it's sombre atmosphere, understated performances, haunting imagery and edgy Mogwai score makes it a complete original.

Shelf or charity shop? It is haunting my shelf...

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