Friday, December 21, 2007

Well that's That done then - work is over for 2007!

It's been a tipsy-tarty year for the business so I was nervously watching the clock today till I could leave JUST in case the computer crashed again and we had to start from Year Zero Day One for the fifth time. Luckily there was no such mishap and at 2.30 I practically skipped from the business centre - I don't think I have looked forward to an Xmas break so readily.

Now NUTCRACKER! on Wednesday kick-started the season and this afternoon locked it down. Owen and I went to the WINTER WONDERLAND event at Hyde Park. Now I was expecting it to be in the paddock where they hold the open-air gigs but no... it was on the southern gravel path along past the bandstand so in fact it was just a glorified parade of rides and kiosks and the ice rink dubbed London's largest outdoor one didn't seem to take too long to walk past... but after the initial shock wore off I started to enjoy myself!
As it was already late afternoon we deceided to go up on the large observation wheel to catch the light and also because the queue was quite short. We went round about four times which was nice as it gave us a chance to see the sky growing more pink-purple as dusk set in over Kensington with nice views over the park and The Serpentine which looks lovely from high up!

All in all we spent 3 hours there - eating, drinking, wandering around the crafts stalls in the German-style Christmas fair, picking up and putting down and sometimes buying. I managed to find a little something to top off someone's Xmas present and a nice large-ish ring for my index finger... and Owen? Let's just saw he is now on the Haribo Christmas card list after what he spent at the sweet stall.

He also bought something he will no doubt be blogging about himself
but here is a preview!

The evening was rounded off in grand big-kid stylee by a ride on the Carousel! I haven't been on one in years... it was great! I was on Diane and Owen was on Franky - 2008 should be the year of adults reclaiming the best rides at fairs.

The afternoon had been so entertaining that an evening slow promenade among the Oxford Street shopped-out zombies couldn't annoy me!

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